Digital Imperialism & Its New Marketplace Frontier

Today, when I hear “marketplace” I immediately think of Alibaba or Amazon. This two headed monster represents the onset of a new age of digital imperialism.

Despite their $2T dollar market cap, each; they have yet to reach a fraction of their potential.

What Alibaba and Amazon have proven is that consumers will prioritize for price, but more importantly convenience. Moreover, consumers will continue to calibrate their lives in a way that creates personal utopias.

Couple that with the emergence of technologies such as AR/VR, and a portal to the next frontier of marketplaces approaches. A portal that aligns with what matters most to consumers; personal happiness and well-being.

For now, marketplaces exist solely for traditional goods; both digital (ie. audiobooks, music, video) or physical (ie. apparel, footwear, produce). However neuro-stimulating experiences, ran on AR/VR, will be the next marketplace opportunity. Selling experiences at scale that reduce anxiety, depression, or dependencies for other mental disorders; available for purchase, 24/7 (ie. Ready Player One, but like for-real).

These possibilities will expedite the convergence of digital and physical worlds. Creating a world that provides a greater sense of ownership, not of goods, but of ones true self.

Whether or not humans optimize their current world to spend more time in this new digital frontier is something I’m betting they do.